Hike: Kaena Point



Well we FINALLY did the Kaena Point hike and it was totally worth the wait! This trail takes you to the most western tip of Oahu. We started on the west side of the island rather than the north side. (You can hike from either direction for a total 5.6 mile hike, or if you have a spotter car, from either starting point to the other!) We took Farington Highway (93) through Waianae west to the very end of the road and parked at the lot there. Any one you talk to will advise not to leave any valuables in the car. The trail is the dirt two track you see continuing onward to the point. You really can't miss it or take a wrong turn. From here on you can enjoy the beautiful rocky shoreline and the amazing ocean views all the way to the end. It is an easy, 2.3 mile trek to the very tip, but keep in mind that there is absolutely NO SHADE. Make sure to dress accordingly and bring plenty of water for the dogs!


Looking back towards the trailhead & Keawaula Beach.

Looking onward towards Kaena Point.

My bestie Hilary, and her hubby Kyle, on vacation and lovin' life!

Once you've made it to the end, you will have to go through a fenced gate to get to the Albatross sanctuary. Dogs are NOT allowed past this point. There is a lot of rodent poison / clean up going on in order to protect the Albatross and their eggs.



Another awesome part of Kaena Point is that it is a great spot to see seals relaxing on the beach and whales in the winter time. Can you spot the MONK seal in this photo?! He basically looks like all the surrounding rocks, but he's right in the middle of the frame. Kyle was venturing out to spot some reef life. There were so many little tide pools tucked in the rocks.

Being goofy and taking some photos on the rocky coast.

Looking towards the northern shore of Oahu. You can also hike this side to the north trailhead if you have someone picking you up to take you back to your car.

All in all, this trail is a must if you live here or are visiting! It's an easy going walk that has great views the entire way and lots of wildlife too. Totally recommend on a overcast/partly sunny day. Full sun may get a little TOO hot, but good news is, there are beautiful beaches all along the west side of Oahu waiting for you when you're done. :)

So much beautiful coral!