Going Green

Why hello there!

This is the first blog post on my very own website! If you can't tell, I'm SO excited! I plan on using this blog as sort of a diary. I regret not starting one sooner (even if it was only for myself to write things down) to document all my travels, eats, adventures, home projects, and exploring entrepreneurial waters.


When I first moved to Hawaii, I had little to no idea of what our house looked like. Erik found it for us after months and months (and months) of tedious searching. It is extremely difficult to find a place over here that accepts dogs. Needless to say, once he actually found something that worked for us, it was a complete DUMP... (If only I had pictures!) But the place was affordable and we don't mind using a little elbow grease once and a while. We have spent the last few months cleaning it up and it has come a LONG way; it finally feels like our own little nest.

I painted the kitchen cabinets within the first week of moving in. They were so hideous I think I spent about five minutes picking out a paint color and slabbed it on. Now that we've been here for a while, we are deciding what to do with our bedroom. Erik suggested a shade of green, a color I've never really thought much about. But after spending the majority of the morning scoping out Pinterest for new ideas, all I have to say is...

Yes, please!

I love them all! I had no idea green could be so epic in a room. I really dig the look of the dark forest green shades (like the photo with "I love sleeping with you" written above the bed) OR the more teal shade of Sherwin Williams' Parisian Patina (the photo with the bright multicolored bedspread).

If you're looking for something less conventional, how amazing is this watercolor mural wall? It's actually wallpaper you can buy and apply yourself from muralswallpaper.com. I also love the giant picture of the pines as a backdrop. Makes me want to snug down and get cozy. Reminds me of all my time spent living in the Northwest.



Which ideas do you like the best?

I'm off to the store to grab some samples.